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Updated 10/16/03
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What's new in the Underground.                 
Newly added section with interactive features.Fan fiction archives.Original illustrations for Labyrinth II: Return to the Underground. Fan art submissions welcomed.
Role-playing game based upon Labyrinth II: Return to the Underground. On-going. New players welcomed.Information about Underground Allies: what they are, how to join, other Allies.Morighana's section of the Underground where she keeps the exotic pets her uncle gives her.
Aurora's wing of the Castle Beyond the Goblin City. Unusual oddities that strike Rory's fancy. Under Construction.Announcements, contests, and the Goblin Hall of Fame. Under Construction.In Loving Memory: A Tribute
General guidelines for submitting art and fan fiction. Your work is appreciated and wanted.Different ways and graphics to link to the Underground.Links within the Underground, outside the Underground, Underground Allies, and Webrings.